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Limitations to Science

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    Would be greatly interesting to see some of the subjective statements made by members. Thanks for being such good participants like always.
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    matt grime

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    1. Scientific ones
    2. define important
    3 define efficient
    4. is a dangerous question to ask, and possibly outside the remit of this forum.
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    science is a tool that allows us to understand our environment in the what, when, where, how, and why. the sharper that tool, the better we can understand it. it is possible that science can answer the unanswered philosophical questions of our modern time.
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    What sort of inquiry is within the scope of science?

    Demonstrable inquiries. Speculation about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin is a theological and philosophical inquiry, not a scientific one.


    Can science hope to answer all the important questions humans are looking for answers to?

    No, science is a philosophical method or tool, no different from logistics or semantics. Philosophy or theology may be able to answer such questions, but science is a method, not an answer or series of answers.


    Is Science 'efficient' ?

    Sometimes. Like any tool it can be used, abused, and neglected.


    Are creation scientists really scientists at all? Are they wasting their time in an arena that they simply can't hope to 'win' in?

    Again, science is a methodology for collecting and organizing data. Creation Science is a true science in this sense of the word, but is not a science in the sense of secular academic sciences which promote experimentation and objectivity.
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    Great answers. I'm glad i was able to post questions which only the most intelligent could answer in a valid way.

    Thank you.
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    Science can address questions related to the natural universe, which are questions that have the potential of empirical verification or falsification. However, some metaphysical positions (e.g. naturalism) state that all that exists is the natural universe, and in this case any question is within the realm of science.

    What is an unimportant question? I have never known one. :smile:

    If we consider scientific progress over the past 300 years in comparison with the rest of history and science's impact on technology, then, yes, science has been efficient, particularly during the last 100 years. Our ability to control the motion of invisible electrons has resulted in technology our ancestors would have deemed magical. It's exciting to think about where science and technology will be going in the next 100 years.

    This question is best asked in the religion section of the forum.
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    I appreciate the reply Artorius, although i have transferred by discussion about this topic to "The Scientific Method" posted by Glenn. See you there. :)
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