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Limited Egg drop Project

  1. May 7, 2012 #1
    in physics we have to drop an egg 30ft and the only materials we have is 60cm of half inch thick clear tape, three sheets of paper, and four straws im thinking about making helicopter blades for it and putting it in a modded paper water bomb with straws and paper bits as cushions but idk if thatll work. open to ideas o and NO parachutes
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    Rolling the paper into a cylinder around the egg, and putting a "spring" made of the straws under it might be a good shock absorber. Use the rest of the paper for a fin tail to stabilize it.


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    What size and type of paper, and are you allowed to cut it?
    If it's 8.5x11 you may be able to tape strips of paper together and LOWER the egg to the ground :)

    Shouldn't this thread be in the homework section?
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    This design worked for me when I did this project 400 years ago. ;)
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    Seems like the simplest possible design given the materials. There might be a risk of failure during secondary impact if the tip is too stable and the cone falls over to one side after landing.
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    This one worked awesome with my base idea thanks
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