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Limited operators - continuity?

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    Hi there! :)

    I'm trying to understand a theorem, but it's full with analysis (or something) terms unfamiliar to me.

    Is there an intuitive interpretation for the sentence: 'An operator being limited is equivalent to continuity in the topolgy of the norm'?

    Also, how can I partially understand what is a "strongly continous application"?

    I understand that for a plain comprehension, one is required to follow a strict study on these subjects. But right now I'm happy with a simple intuition.

    Edit: Is this the right place? I'm not sure analysis is the subject here!
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    Check out the Wikipedia entry on "bounded operator". It contains an easy proof.

    I agree that it's hard to figure out where to put a post about functional analysis. Strangerep and I were just saying that in another thread.
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    Thanks Fredrik!

    (I thought I subscribed to thread!)
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