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‘Limiting Curvature Construction’-minimum length

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    ‘Limiting Curvature Construction’

    Using two dimensions to get at an understanding of minimum length is not limited to what I have been doing. “Strings” uses ‘Limiting Curvature Construction’. Since, quantum black holes are a possibilities at CERN then these approaches need to be revisited and updated.
    Singularity-Free Two Dimensional Cosmologies
    R. Moessner and M. Trodden
    03 Nov 1994
    A Nonsingular Two Dimensional Black Hole
    M. Trodden, V.F. Mukhanov, R.H. Brandenberger
    22 May 1993

    http://www.citebase.org/fulltext?format=application%2Fpdf&identifier=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Agr-qc%2F9303001 [Broken]
    R. Brandenberger , V. Mukhanov and A. Sornborger
    01 march 1993
    http://www.citebase.org/fulltext?format=application%2Fpdf&identifier=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Ahep-th%2F0210016 [Broken]
    Hawking radiation of nonsingular black holes in two dimensions
    D. A. Easson
    19 Feb 2003/pub 03 May 2006
    If you have read the above papers you will note that they lack a 2d structure, which I have supplied from first principle.
    If you apply a “sharp razor” you will used the QMLS as an answer. See my blog.
    http://www.citebase.org/fulltext?format=application%2Fpdf&identifier=oai%3AarXiv.org%3Aastro-ph%2F0608034 [Broken]
    The Accelerating Universe and a Limiting Curvature Proposal
    Damien A. Easson
    01 Aug 2006
    Yes, It’s called QMLS.
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