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Limiting Reactions help

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    CH3OH is produced via the reaction CO(g) + 2 H2(g) -> CH3OH

    A mixture of 1.20 g H2 and 7.45g CO are allowed to react.

    What is the yield of CH3OH? [Assume theoretical yield in g is what is wanted here]
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    one mole of CO reacts with two moles of H2 to give one mole of CH3OH.
    Can you take it from here.
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    nope, sorry
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    According to the reaction, there's a 1:2 ratio between the reactants. Which means you need exactly 2 moles of hydrogen gas to react with 1 mole of carbon monoxide (translated to mass terms, this means you need 4g of hydrogen gas and 28 g of CO to form 32 g of methanol). How much do you have and how much of what is going to limit the reaction to a value less than the maximum possible yield if both reactants were in stoichiometric proportions? If you can answer these questions, you will be through.

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    Well you'd better give it a shot, if you want to be helped. We can not help you, unless you show that you are making an effort to solve this by yourself, and have given it your best shot.

    There are rules on this forum : we don't do homework for people.
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