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Homework Help: Limits and estimating slope

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    Hey there, I need a little push in the right direction.
    Here is the question:
    The slope of the tangent line to the graph of the exponential function
    y=2^x at the point (0,1) is lim x approaches 0 (2^x-1)/x.
    Estimate the slope to three decimal places.
    Where I am getting confused is which formula do I plug (x) into to find a secant slope?
    I hope I asked the right question.
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    Yes, since you are only asked to "estimate the slope to three decimal places" you just need to plug a small enough x into that secant formula which is exactly what you wrote: (2x-1)/x. That should take about 5 seconds using a calculator!

    (Finding the limit itself in order to find the actual formula is much harder!)
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    Thank you for your help
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