Limits and log

  1. Please help, i take out n^2 top and bottom so end up with 0 as demominator....

    Find lim (n to infinity) xn

    xn = (n^2 + log n)/(2n^3 - 1)^(1/2)

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  3. You won't get a 0 in the denominator. You forgot to divide the 1 by n^2.
  4. if i divide the bottom by n^2 i get (1/n + 1/n^4)
  5. sorry... (1/n - 1/n^4)^(1/2)
  6. damn, sorry again, i mean (2/n - 1/n^4)^(1/2)
  7. which becomes 0 as n tends to infinity?
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    [tex]\lim_{n\to \infty} x_n = \lim_{n\to\infty} \left( \frac{ 1+ \frac{\log n}{n^2} }{ \sqrt{ \frac{2n^3-1}{n^4}}} \right)[/tex]

    Consider separately, what is the numerator tending towards? How about the denominator?
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  9. Rationalize the denominator

    Try rationalizing the denominator first. Then things get much easier.
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