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Medical Limits of infinity , The simulaion of human brain

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    Human brain is an observer , and the problem of this idea is observing himself
    the brain will observe an observer observe an observer observe an observer ..... to infinity.
    the real problem appears to people who work in computional simulation of brain ( infinite loop )
    can this cycle have any limits ?
    and what is the main rule control such cycles ?

    and can such observation be represented in number with uncertainty priciple ?
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    what the hack are you talking about?
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    A brain knows an object, and a computer behaves as though it knows an object, when a representation of that object exists in its memory (we are used to saying the computer knows, it does not know, etc.) although the computer does not 'really understand' its memory contents.
    (However, unlike a computer, it is our experience that we know what we are doing at least when awake. For example, if I am lifting my hand, I know my hand, I also know that I know my hand, and also know that I am lifting my hand throughout the action of lifting.)

    A computer cannot know what it is doing, for the
    following reason: Suppose a computer knows a particular object A. To be self-aware, the computer must also know that it knows A, it must also know that it knows that it knows A, and so on. It is an infinite loop. According our definition of “computer knows”, to be self-aware, the computer must have a mechanism that can write all the sentences of the "I know that I know" loop into its memory, once a representation of A is entered into the memory. Since the machine has only a finite storage,
    and takes a finite time no matter how small, to write each of the sentences, the machine can only complete a finite loop but not an infinite loop. Clearly, by executing the loop a finite number of times, the machine in fact, would not “really know” what it is doing; in other words, the loop has to be infinite and therefore a machine cannot be made to know what it is doing.
    Completion of this infinite loop is in my opinion, must be happening in the brain because it necessarily follows from our observation that we know what we are doing unless that observation is wrong.
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    Well, this is an annoying thread to read, mainly due to the second post!

    I realise this is a very old thread, but I'm not sure I totally understand what you're saying. There is a problem with the whole "observer" point of quantum mechanics-- what lee smolin describes as the foundational problems of quantum mechanics, in his latest book. However, I'm not sure whether this is what you're talking about or not. From your original post, it seems not.
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    There's really no need to resurrect such an old thread, especially when the original post was so nonsensical. Thread locked.
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