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Limits of Technology

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    I've come up with an idea for a sci-fi story that I'll probably never finish because I'm lazy, but I love the idea.

    "In a dying universe, there existed a race of intelligent beings. They absorbed all scientific knowledge, but were unable to prevent their demise. In order to continue their legacy, they used the last of the resources to create God and teleport him into a young universe."

    This is a silly question, but what would be the characteristics of a being designed to be as perfect as possible, only limited by physics itself? He has to be roughly man-sized because of their resource limitations and the cost if inter-universal travel. Of course there's no way to define what a "good" characteristic is outside of evolutionary terms, so you'll have to use at least some imagination.

    I imagine that it would have a quantum computer for a brain, a carbon nano-tube exoskeleton (or would that be fragile?), and of course some way of converting sunlight into energy.

    Is it too farfetched for a machine of that size being able to fly through atmosphere or space Iron Man style? And would it make any sense for it to have an internal mechanism that can convert matter into pure energy? Could it store anti-matter for fuel without risking being destroyed at any moment?

    Thanks for the speculations ^.^
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    I think all knowing beings that can create god and send him through a wormhole to another dimension can probably figure out how to safely store antimatter. And if god was wearing an iron man suit I'd find religion yesterday. :) Does sound like a fun story if easy to go overboard with. We have the backstory, what's the plot outline?
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    Thanks a lot for the post :)

    I honestly don't have much of a plot which is why this story is going nowhere, haha. But the central idea is that this being (Architis) is a perfectly just, moral, and competent God who rules over all life in our universe. Human beings, being religious in nature, form a covenant with Him in which they all have computer chips implanted into their brains. These enhance general functions (a calculator inside your brain, etc) but also connect them to Architis.

    The protagonist of the story is supposed to be a rebellious human (Bahku) with unusually high intelligence who manages to use his enhanced intelligence to enhance himself further, becomes mad with greed, and eventually kills Architis. Most likely only to sacrifice himself later to prevent the universe from dying as the previous one did.

    But, of course, there's the gaping plot hole of "how do you beat the unbeatable?" Other than a cop-out, I think I've hit a dead-end lol.
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