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Homework Help: Limits Question

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    can someone help me with this question??

    Use continuity to evaluate the limit:

    lim x->PI Sin(x + Sin x)


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    a) Is that function continuous?
    b) What is definition of continuity?
    Combine the two and the answer is trivial.
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    I belive that this function is continus within its domain because it is a algebaric and trig function.

    But where do I go from here. If I plug Pi in to the function I get 0.00
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    sorry I get 0.05575
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    What is [itex]\sin \pi[/itex]? I think you'll find your calc is in degrees not radians.
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    Let f(x)=x+sin(x), and let g(x)=sin(x). What is g(f(x))?
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