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Limitsplease help

  1. Oct 26, 2009 #1
    Limits..please help!!

    Ok so I just missed the past week of school due to other commitments..I have a math assignment due tomorrow and I wasn't in class when the material was reviewed. I'm having some trouble with the limit problems. I'm not quite sure what he is looking for. The question is..

    Evaluate the following limits, explain your answer.
    a)lim f(x) as x->2 where f(x) = x-5 if x=/=2...x=0 if x=2
    b) lim f(x) as x->12 where f(x) = 1/x-12 **x-12 is the denom.
    c) lim g(x) as x->9 where g(x) = 4x-36/sqrtx -3 **only the x is under the sqrt

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    Re: Limits..please help!!

    What have you tried? The rules of this forum say that you have to make an attempt at solving a problem before anyone will help you. Look at the relevant section of your textbook. It should have some examples that will help you.
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