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Line Flows from Load Flows

  1. Nov 4, 2008 #1
    Hi everyone

    Suppose I have an n bus system with some initial conditions and a load flow analysis is carried out, which furnishes complex voltages and powers. Now, I need to find the line flows, i.e. the power flowing over every transmission line.

    If I consider a transmission line from bus i to bus j and call F(i, j) the flow from bus i to bus j and F(j, i) as the flow from bus j to bus i, then

    F(i, j) + F(j, i) = Loss(i, j) = power dissipated in the line

    The question is: how does one figure out F(i, j) for all valid (i, j) pairs, i.e. the line flows for all transmission lines, from a load flow analysis?

    Thanks in advance.
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