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Line Integral and parameterization

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    Can anyone recommend an online reference or book on line integrals and parameterization that's clear and concise?

    I've taken a course in multivariable calculus, but these were difficult concepts for me to grasp and I never fully understood them at the time.

    It looks like they're going to come up again in Physics next semester, so I'd really like to nail them over the Summer.
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    Tom Mattson

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    I don't know of an online reference, but the Schaum's outline entitled Vector Analysis is good.
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    Thanks Tom.

    I checked it out on Amazon. It has very good reviews and is inexpensive, so I picked up a copy.

    I will probably be posting some questions soon after receiving it.

    Should I post them here or Homework Help?
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    If it's direct questions about examples in the book go ahead and post it in HWH, otherwise discussion about the subject can be held here.
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