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Line Integrals Complex Numbers

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    I am currently studying complex numbers and I am at the part we have to find line integrals over a simple closed curve gamma(t)..

    I know the definition, but when i read a problem I am n ot sure how to parameratize the curve. I was wondering if there are some tricks to this. Would anyone be able to direct me to some useful site about this topic, any help would be appreciated (test in a couple of days)

    THank You

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    what does the curve look like? you're going to have to volunteer more information if you're expecting help.
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    If the curve is a simple curve, y=f(x), then your parametrization will be (t, f(t)). If your curve is a circle, the parametrization will be (cos(t), sin(t)). Otherwise, as ice109 said, you'll have to volunteer more information.
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