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Line Spectra question

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    1. Doubly ionized lithium Li2+ (Z = 3) and triply ionized beryllium Be3+ (Z = 4) each emit a line spectrum. For a certain series of lines in the lithium spectrum, the shortest wavelength is 1222.2 nm. For the same series of lines in the beryllium spectrum, what is the shortest wavelength?

    2. 1/ lamba = 1.097 x 10^7 (z^2) (1/nf^2 - 1/ni^2)

    3. My only question is what I use for the n's? Since its the smallest I assume ni = 0. What about nf?
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    Assuming an equation like (2) is valid, does the answer depend on the particular values of n1 and n2?
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    ok, i misunderstood what nf should be.

    I figured it out now by solving for it by the first given wavelength then applying that number as the nf for the second.

    Thank you.
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