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Homework Help: Linear Algebra Application

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    I am having some problems figuring out how to design a student traffic flow system for students entering and leaving a hall. I have to solve the equation and discuss the solution.

    I can solve the one for a road junction and traffic patterns but I'm sort of puzzled when it comes to the hall.

    The hall has 7 doors. 3 to the front and 4 to the sides. I know how to put the numbers for going in and the traffic pattern. Does the number of students entering have to be equal to the amount coming out?

    Can anyone give me a little help and direction how to continue?
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    No since you're told explicitly it's a hall and not a junction. What is the capacity of the hall?
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    The capacity of the hall is 600 persons. For the 3 doors to the front I have assigned 2 as in only and one two way. For the 4 doors to the side, 3 as out and one in.

    Here is a sorta layout I made of the chapel. I don't know if my labeling is right.

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    It seems to me you're not providing all the information required for others to help you. I clicked on the link you provided and saw that some doors are marked "in X2" or something like that. What do those mean? What is the exact statement of the problem?

    The concept which you should use is this:
    rate of students entering - rate of students leaving = rate of increase of students in the hall. Unless you make clear what the statement of the problem is, along with what information you are given, I don't see how anyone can help.
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    Ok. The problem is that I'm suppose to design a traffic flow system for students entering and leaving a Chapel. I am suppose to solve the system and discuss the solution. It involves matrix. The x1 and other numbers are variables I'm using for in a out.
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    You haven't fully stated the problem. What conditions is your "traffic flow system" to meet so that you can't just tell the student "go where ever you like"?
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    Well the students enter the hall through the doors that is stated as in. In case of an emergency they have to use the doors that is marked out. I have to design the traffic flow system for this situation.

    I've updated the design on what I have done so far. http://img518.imageshack.us/my.php?image=chapelxo3.gif
    Any ideas on how I'm going thus far?
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