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Linear Algebra book

  1. Dec 17, 2012 #1

    I just completed a math course that had a mixture of differential equations and linear algebra. The book used was Elementary Differential Equations with Linear Algebra by Rabenstein. Since the class covered both topics, of course we couldn't go into a lot of detail for either type of math as a single course on either subject.


    However, the book is very hard to understand. I already have in my possession Differential equations by Boyce and Diprima, and I was looking for something to read about linear algebra.

    I am looking for books that show the geometry involved (pictures are great!!!), I liked Larson and Edwards Calculus

    Basically, I am an engineering student, I have no interest in deep mathematical inductive reasoning or proving theorems, I just want something that gives a good explanation of the geometry involved and gives some good pictures to show what the concepts mean, and if the book has application sections for the chapters, that would be fantastic.

    I still have a very bad intuition for any of the concepts of DE/LA, it was very analytical and not geometric. The larson book had very good intuition and I enjoyed it a great deal, so something at that level would be fantastic. Another criteria is that the answers for atleast even or odd problems is shown in the back of the book, or has a solutions manual available to students.

    Also, if you got something that meets the same criteria for DE, I would look at that too. And lastly, I would like something that is pretty cheap! Don't want to spend a lot on textbooks!

    Again, please nothing like Spivak or anything that is heavily focused towards a math major!!
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  3. Dec 18, 2012 #2
    how about strang's intro book. he's sort of an engineer's mathematician.
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    I went through a similar course (DE/LA) and found myself always asking more questions about LA but the course didn't go deep. After the semester I got this book:


    I love this book because it has lots of pictures, geometry, and applications. Also, it has little sections within the chapters, called "Explorations," which is direct applications of what you just learned. Unlike other books that says applications in the title but then has one application problem at the end of the chapter... like Strang's book.

    P.S. - I have the 2nd edition (because it's cheap) so I can't compare it to the 3rd edition. On Amazon, the 3rd edition lets you preview almost the entire book. Check it out.
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    Does that book have answers to the questions in the back?

    I just found this one


    It's 13 cents, so it is hard to beat that price. Anyone know about it?

    The book you suggested DrummingAtom looks exactly like something I want, just want to know if this 13 cent one is just as good, since the one you showed was $23
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    I'm not familiar with Lay's. Poole's does have answers to all odd problems and the first edition is much less:


    If you find another book that fits your style, please post it on here because I'm always looking for good visual/geometric books. :cool:
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    Thanks, do you know of another geometric/visual DE book?
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