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Linear Algebra books

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    I was wondering if anyone could recommend some Linear Algebra books?

    Thank you.
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    Well many people on these forums, including myself, like to recommend "Linear Algebra Done Right" by Axler, although it might not be appropriate for a first exposure to linear algebra. I cannot recommend any others, as I have never had another good linear algebra text.
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    Use search, this has been posted atleast 50 thousand times.
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    i recommend shilov, good and cheap. also sharipov, free and good.
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    hoffman and kunze
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    Shilov is very good.
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    Linear Algebra Done Right by Axler
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    I really like "Linear Algebra Demystified". Even though the Demystified series is usually a bunch of crap, and with terrible editing and proofreading to boot, this book was actually pretty good. He even covers Linear Algebra with complex numbers. "Linear Algebra: An Introduction" by Bronson is good too.
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    Try Halmos' Vector Spaces (or something close to that)
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