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Some physics major told me:
"Linear Algebra is much more important then calculus"
Can anyone give weight to these words?

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Hmmm. That sounds a bit like saying, "I'm already comfortable with calculus, and linear algebra is novel and interesting to me, so it must be more important."

Or perhaps, "Linear algebra feels more relevant to quantum mechanics, and since that's the course I'm taking right now, it must be more important than calculus."
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It's simply not true.

In physics, linear algebra and calculus work together quite often to create some rather powerful results. They're both extremely important and without either of them, you could do very little. If one wanted to be particular, though, you can get through first year physics without touching linear algebra, but try getting through any first year physics course without calculus.

Even in quantum mechanics, linear algebra and calculus play equally important roles. (Heck, you can't even comprehend L^2 without linear algebra or calculus, and that's where everything in QM is derived from.)
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... yes, just like physics majors think physics is much more important than math (ask them).
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The logical mind knows that Algebra forms the "primary" base of both Trig and Calculus; therefore - an UNBREAKABLE permanent relationship is always present in ALL SCIENCES.

Now, the wise mind knows that because Algebra is ALWAYS in there, it can be "ignored" for a "while".

Now, the ordered mind reminds itself that specific "Algebra only" calculations, must be "performed" as "final proof", of any proposed theory.

The practical mind knows most "hold ups" in prooving "theories" is structure; so "Algebra" is on the back bunner for a while.

The experimental mind gradually matures to an assumption, that because every possible "math" issue that "appears" to be in the Calculus always gets "solved" independantly: it has to be somewhere else.

The precise mind finds the "problem" to have been in the Algebra all along; causing "errors" in the Trig and Calculus when their base "rules" were set up in the first place; and "finds" a SINGLE assuption that "caused" the mess.

The patient mind is one with the cosmos; therefore, evolves into a "pure black" mental state, which is the foundation of the open mind.
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... yes, just like physics majors think physics is much more important than math (ask them).
How silly of them!

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