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Linear Algebra for Lie Groups

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    I want to study Lie Groups which are applicable to modern physics, such as U(N), SU(N) etc.

    But my problem might be that I lack much of required theory of Matrices, for example these statements are "magic" to me:

    In N dimensions there are N^2 independent hermitian matricies

    In N dimensions there are N^2 - 1 independent traceless hermitian matricies

    + more

    I have been taught Linear Algebra from textbook:
    "Elementary Linear Algebra" - Anton

    (https://www.amazon.com/Elementary-L...=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1231405906&sr=8-2 )

    Which ends with 5pages on complex matrices, which is not that much ;-)

    So I am looking for textbook (or other resources) which covers more advanced material on complex valued matrices, suitable for background to study Lie Groups.

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