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Linear Algebra for QM

  1. Aug 22, 2012 #1
    I was going through Linear Algebra which is recommended as a prerequisite to Quantum Mechanics. The topic of LA is vast and deep. So I wanted to know which (specific) topics of LA should be covered as a prerequisite to QM.
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    Linear vector spaces, finding eigenvalues/eigenvectors, change of basis, and finding a common set of eigenvectors for 2 commuting matrices are the skills you need to have for a first course in quantum mechanics, assuming you know all the basics of matrices.
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    Basically the more you know about inner product spaces and operators and their diagonalization, the better.
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    You don't need a lot of linear algebra before a first exposure to quantum mechanics (particularly as a first exposure is often just wave mechanics and treated with differential equation techniques more so than LA).

    Before seeing the class a first time it would be nice to know about eigenvalue problems (cover determinants before this). Matrix diagonalization would be useful too.

    Then vector spaces, inner products and inner product spaces. Then depending on your sources, complex and infinite dimensional vector spaces.

    If you could study all that to a familiarity, you'll be ahead of the game.
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