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Homework Help: Linear Algebra help!

  1. Jan 18, 2006 #1
    I have been trying to figure this out but can't. I even went to the tutorial but the lady kept mumbling so it was obvious that she didn't really know how to do it either. So I really hope someone could help me. The only thing he told me was to look at the pythagorem theorem. Thanks

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    what is the question? i cannot read the scan.
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    The question is to show that norm(v over norm(v))= 1 for v a vector.
    That is, that
    [tex]\left|\left|\frac{v}{\left|\left|v\right|\right|}\right|\right|= 1[/tex]
    eunhye732, one of the things you certainly should have learned about the "norm" is that ||av||= |a| ||v|| for a any number and v a vector. In particular, if a is a positive number then ||av||= a ||v||.
    Think about that with a= 1/||v||.
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    Oh i see how to do it now.
    That helped a lot.
    Thanks so much!
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