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Linear Algebra help

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    Let [tex]\begin{gather*}A_n\end{gather*}[/tex] be an nxn matrix with the matrixelement [tex]\begin{gather*}a_ik\end{gather*}[/tex]=i+k, i, k = 1, ... ,n. Decide for every value the n-determinant [tex]\begin{gather*}D_n\end{gather*}[/tex] = det([tex]\begin{gather*}A_n\end{gather*}[/tex]). Don´t forget the value of n=1.

    We are two guys here at home that don´t get it right. What shall we start with? We are both newbies on this!

    Thanks in advance

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    There is a place called 'Linear & Abstract Algebra' for such threads.
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