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Homework Help: Linear Algebra Problem

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    Hey i have a homework assignment due and have no idea how to answer 1 of the questions

    the question is

    Find m and recal m perpendicular = -1/m. Also sketch the situation showing what the required distance is.

    6y+3x=3 ; (8,-1)

    all assistance is much appreciated

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    I think you need to find the distance between the point and the line. The distance is a line coming out of the point and is perpendicular to the first line.
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    1) To find the slope, m, of 6y+ 3x= 8, solve for y: the equation will be in the form y= mx+ b.

    2) Of course, any line perpendicular to that line will have slope
    -1/m. What is the equation of a line through (8,-1) with slope
    -1/m? (Use the value of m you found in 1).)

    3) Where do those two lines cross? Solve the two equations simultaneously.

    4. What is the distance from (8, -1) to the point you found in 3)?
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