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Linear Algebra Problems

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    Linear Algebra Problems
    Are there any resources consisting of a collection of problems on linear algebra for students to practice? I am looking for good interesting problems which test students’ understanding. These questions or examples should be for teaching rather than just testing. The level of difficulty is first year undergraduate.
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    Let me know if you find any matqkks. I too am interested.
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    I am looking for help in this question."Rather than using the standard definitions of addition and scalar multiplication in R^3, suppose the operation is define as follows: (c1,y1,z1,) + (x2,y2,z2) = (x1+x2+1,y1+y2+1,z1+z2+1)

    c(x,y,z) = (cx,cy,cz)
    With this new definitions, is a vector space?
    Justify your answers
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    Determine whether or not this addition (the scalar multiplication defined is just the usual one on [itex]R^3[/itex]) has the properties required for addition in a vector space:
    1) u+ v= v+ u (commutativity)
    2) (u+ v)+ w= u+ (v+ w) (associativity)
    3) There exist a specific vector, O, such that v+ O= O+ v= v for any vector v (O is NOT necessarily (0, 0, 0)).
    4) For any vector v, there exist a vector, u, such that v+ u= u+ v= O.
    5) For any number, a, and vectors u and v, a(u+ v)= au+ av. (Distributive)
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    The examples sheets for the Cambridge Linear Algebra course contain some excellent questions. They can be found here.

    In particular, the "Preliminary example sheet" (essentially a revision sheet) might be just what you seek.
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