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Linear algebra review

  1. Oct 9, 2006 #1
    My linear algebra is getting pretty rusty. I need something that will jog my memory about various computational details. The only text I currently have is the Springer yellow book by Curtis. I'm leaning toward a Schaum's outline, either the straight "Linear Algebra" one or the "3000 Solved Problems" one, but there are also half a dozen Dover books that also look likely. The yellow book by Axler also seems to be popular here; that looks like more of a straight through type of read than a reference, but perhaps I'm wrong. Any books I'm overlooking?
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    Dr Transport

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    Get teh Schaum's, it is good and cheap.....
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    Thanks, I got the Schaum's and added the Dover by Shilov to get the free shipping from Amazon.
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    my webnotes are free, and cover more material in fewer pages than any other source.
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