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  1. Hi, I've been trying to find the solutions manual to Linear Algebra forth edition, Stephen H. Friedberg, Arnold J.Insel, Lawrence E. Spence( I've googled, looked on amazon etc. But nothing showed up. Do any of you guys happen to know where to find it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. Contact the publisher and ask them if there is one available. Some companies (such as Dover Publications) offer solutions manuals for free if you just ask, though I don't believe Prentice Hall would be so generous...In any case, they'd be the best people to ask, since you can get a definitive answer from the company as to how to get it and whatnot.
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    Firstly, solutions manuals are generally meant for people teaching the courses, rather than students taking a course-- you're learning this material for the first time and so should try as many problems as possible, whereas teachers cannot feasibly do every problem in order to provide solutions for you. If you need to check whether your work is correct, then why not ask your teacher to look at it? Failing that, post here in the homework help section of PF and we can check your work for you.

    Secondly, you should note that such material will be copyrighted, and you should only buy from a reputable source. Further, PF will not support you seeking such materials "for free."
  6. I'm self-studying the course so the former option is not viable. I'll just post in the homework section of PF. But it still strikes me a weird that that there isn't even a solution manual for odd problems like many of the other books out there.
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    It is somewhat unusual to see solution manuals for odd problems from books beyond the first-year level.
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    Why don't you use a different Linear Algebra book? One that actually has a solutions manual with it. I know that Johnson and Strang both have solution manuals for example.

    If you're going to self-study a book, it pays A LOT to select the textbook that's right for you.
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