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Homework Help: Linear Algebra(unit vectors)

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    The problems states:

    Find a unit vector with the same direction as the directed line segment from P(1,1,1) to Q(1,2,3)

    Just let me know if and where I go wrong or if I'm correct please.


    q-p= (1,2,3)-(1,1,1)=(0,1,2). I will call this new vector V?

    Taking the magnitude/norm of V I get: sqrt( (o)^2 + (1)^2 + (2)^2))= sqrt(5)
    Sorry I cant use the code to type this.

    Using the Unit Vector formula 1/||V|| * V

    1/sqrt(5) * (0,1,2) = (0,1/sqrt(5), 2/sqrt(5)

    Is this correct?
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    Yes, that's correct.
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    Thank You
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