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Linear algebra - vectors

  1. Jul 7, 2014 #1
    Hi everybody, i'm a physics student and this is my first post here and i will begin asking one favor:
    Anyone could recommend a simple and accessible book about vectors in linear algebra??
    I'm already read several books and didn't understand anything.. :cry:
    I really need to recover my "binary" grades lol.
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    Which books? And what exactly was the problem with those books?

    Did you try Meyer's "Matrix analysis and applied Linear Algebra"? From the perspective of applied LA it is one of the best books out there. It contains material on vector spaces and vectors as well though.
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    I'm from Brazil, and my teacher recommeded these books: "Linear Algebra" - Murray R. Spiegel; and these others are brazilians books: "Analytic geometry a vector processing" - Paulo Boulos, Ivan de Camargo; "Exercises of analytic geometry" - Francisco Blasi; "Linear Algebra" - Alfredo Steinbruch.
    I started reading these books and don't understand some explanations and stopped reading. I never missed any classes at analytic geometry class and i did all the lists of exercises but if the teacher changes something i fail the test. I think that i don't understand everything, in other words, nothing.
    This book of Meyer looks very nice, i will read it!!! ;)

    Thanks for your attention and help.
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