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Linear Algebra

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    Let U be a subspace of Rn

    If aX is in U, where a is non zero number and X is in Rn, show that X is in U

    THis seems so obvious... but i m not sure how to show this by a proof

    aX is in U and aX is in Rn for sure and U is a subspace of Rn.
    Is it true that if U is closed under scalar multiplication then X is in U ?

    Please advise!
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    Yes. And why is U closed under scalar multiplication?
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    matt grime

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    Ohh, me sir! Is it by any chance to do with the definition of what a subspace is?
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    And, by the way, why is it important that a be non-zero? What property do non-zero numbers have that zero does not?
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