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Homework Help: Linear Algebra

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    [tex]A=\left(\begin{array}{cc}\frac{1}{2}&-\frac{1}{2}\\\frac{1}{2}&-\frac{1}{2}\\\frac{1}{2}&\frac{1}{2}\\\frac{1}{2}&\frac{1}{2}\end{array}\right) [/tex]

    Find an orthonomal basis for N(A^T)

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    matt grime

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    What is N(A^T)? I know what A^T means, but what does the N of it mean?
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    The null space. The set of all vector, v, such that ATv= 0.

    Bob, write v as (a, b, c, d) and write out the two equations corresponding to ATv= 0. Simplify them.
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