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Linear Algebraic groups

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    Hi All,
    I am trying to learn about Linear Algebraic Groups. I am using the book by James Humpreys. I love the subject, but I find it a bit, say, not so beginner-friendly. My goal is not being spoon-fed, but I am very interested in finding a source(s) whereby one is able to go through some concrete, simple examples. Ideally I am looking for some worked-out problems in James Humpreys' book or a similar text so I can get a start. Could you provide any help or suggestions? I just did not want post one question after the other as I am difficulty solving quite a few. I also have this conviction that if I were to jump over this initial hump, then I could proceed a bit faster on my own. I thank you for your time and apologize for the rambling.
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    You might find the book by T.A. Springer interesting.
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    Thank you, I will try to get a hold of it.
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