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Linear/ang. momentum, COR

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    using the conservation of linear momentum with a known coefficient of restitution (COR), one can obtain the final velocity of object 1 with this eq'n:
    Code (Text):

    V1,f= [U](COR+1)M2V2-V1(M1-COR*M2)[/U]
    conservation of linear momentum looks like 'mv', where conservation of angular momentum looks like 'Iω'. Based on this, can I sub in 'I' for every 'm' and 'ω' for every 'v' in the previous equation, such that

    Code (Text):

    ω1,f= [U](COR+1)I2ω2-ω1(I1-COR*I2)[/U]
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    I will go so far as to answer this question with a "yes," but have some care.

    It all depends on how you define the COR. Obviously, the COR associated with the linear problem will not be the same as the COR associated with the rotational problem...

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