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Homework Help: Linear Combinations Help

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    The question is to write the following vectors as a linear combination:

    c) a vector directed at an angle of 45 degrees with a magnitude of square root of 2.

    d)a vector directed at an angle of 150 degrees with a magnitude of 6.

    What I tried to do is to find the scalar quantity with the vector but I'm not getting a right answer. Could someone please help me in the right direction?
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    As a linear combination of what?
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    oh sorry. i+j
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    i and j. not i+j.
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    does anyone know any website that I could use as a tutorial, then?
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    Hint:First find a unit vector in the given direction using direction cosines.
    Then multiply by magnitude.
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    Thank you for the websites and thank you for the help. I figured it out with that hint :D
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