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Homework Help: Linear equation

  1. Feb 28, 2010 #1
    Have I got this linear equation right?

    8y - 31 = 13 - 3y

    My answer is y = 8.8
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    Plug the value you got into the equation and check to see.
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    Your answer is incorrect. Show us how you got your solution and we can steer you in the right direction.
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    Gringo123, I suspect you subtracted 3y from both sides when you should have added it.

    But whenever you ask someone to check your answer, you should always show how you got it.
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    Hi Mark. Thanks for helping me out... again!

    1st I added 31 to both sides which left me with:
    8y = 44 + 3y
    From this I could see that 44 = 5y (5y + 3y = 8y)
    44 / 5 = 8.8
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    It should be "-" not "+".
    Why did you change this sign?
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    Once again I've confused everyone with a typo. The original problem is:
    8y - 31 = 13 - 3y
    I added 31 to both sides:
    8y = 44 - 3y
    Then I add 3y to both sides:
    11y = 44
    and I get the right answer, y = 4
    Iy was a silly little error on my part. Thanks everyone.
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    It's easier to check for yourself if you have the correct answer or not.

    Since you at first found y=8.8, this means if you plug that value in for y in the equation 8y-31=13-3y then you should find that the left-hand side equals the right-hand side. But this isn't true, which means you've made a mistake somewhere. Plugging in y=4 however will make both sides equal, which means you have found the correct value.

    This can be for your quadratics as well.
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