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Linear Generator question

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    I have project that build on a linear generator design.
    The design is:
    A linear generator is attached to a spring, and with help of a control circuit are the magnetic field of the "rotor" regulated to "brake" the applied force (and the braking creates induced emf in the "stator"). The same happens with the force from the spring on the return motion.

    Is this design possible? I have read about Lenz law on the web and understand that it describe the "force" that oppose the motion, but how is the calculation this "force"?
    Will all(except the normal losses due to bearings, friction etc) the induced emf from the "braking" be useful energy?

    Jorgen from Norway

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    Welcome to the PF. Do any of the "Related Threads" listed at the bottom of this page help?
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    Thanks. No one of the related threads are what I am looking for. I need help to understand the calculation of the "force" who is working against the motion, and as I can understand comes from a dipole effect in the "stator" coil due to the induced current in this. But how to relate this "force" to the applied magnetic field in the "rotor"(for control issues). Another question is;will the variable induced emf which come from the controlled magnetic field be usefull energy? or will the efficiency of the generator be reduced?

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