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Linear Momentum and Collisions

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    A 2.0 kg block of wood rests on a tabletop. A 7.0 kg bullet is shot straight up through a hole in the table beneath the block. The bullet lodges in the block, and the block flies 25 cm above the tabletop. How fast was the bullet going initially?

    i tried using this formula:
    p= [m[tex]_{}b[/tex]/(m[tex]_{}w[/tex](sin90))]v[tex]_{}b[/tex]

    but it doesnt give me the velocity of anything
    maybe im using the wrong the formula for this?
    does the 25cm play a part in anything??
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    Using kinematic equation, find the initial velocity of block and bullet to reach a height 25 cm above table top. Then applying the conservation linear momentum find the velocity of the bullet.
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