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Homework Help: Linear momentum problem

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    The figure (attached) gives the magnitude p of the linear momentum versus time
    t for a particle moving along an x-axis. A force dircted along the axis acts on the particle (a) Rank the four regions indicated according to the magnitude of the force, greatest first (b) In which regins is the particle slowing.

    The answers are: (consider the slopes) (a) 1,3,2,4)
    (b) 3

    could someone please explain the answes to me.
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    F=dp/dt and p=mv are all you should need.
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    1 si referring to a the region from the line x = 0 to the point where dp/dt = 0. 2 is the region following 1 where dp/dt = 0. 3 is the region where dp/dt is negative, following 2, and preceding 4 where dp/dt = 0.

    What do you know about Force and momentum? Which region experiences the greatest force? Rank them in magnitude.
    b), What do you know about momentum and velocity, given a constant mass?
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    If you have an increase in momentum, you have an increase in force. Look at your diagram, and make the connection. It's a really simple consept.
    [tex] F = \frac{dp}{dt} [/tex]


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