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Linear Momentum question.

  1. Oct 17, 2006 #1
    I need confirmation on simple linear momentum questions...

    1. two cars on the surface. car A approaches to car B at Va while car B is at rest. masses of both cars are same. which car puts more force or is it same?
    Car A exerts larger force on B
    Car B exerts larger force on A

    2. truck is towing the car. when the truck is accelerating, does...
    the car exerts larger force on truck
    the truck exerts larger force on car

    just these 2 questions...if you can help me out. thank you.
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    Newtons laws say?
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    equan and opposite force according to third law...
    so both questions's answers are same right?
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    No need to think about momentum. Think Newton and his 3rd law.
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    k thank you.
    same force exerted for both questions. :biggrin:
    just needed confirmation...
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