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Homework Help: Linear motor (assistance required)

  1. Jun 21, 2012 #1
    I am just starting a concept capsule design project. The capsule will be approximately 1 m long, 0.5 m diameter and weigh some 100 kg (fully laden). It will be propelled by a linear motor through a pipeline as part of an automated package delivery system. Its maximum speed will be around 10-20 mph.

    I will not be designing the entire system, just one element of it (the capsule). However I need some basic dimensions on which to base the capsule design; I need to know how wide and thick the linear motor ‘track’ (I call it a track through lack of a better term) will be so I can allow for that in the capsule dimensioning.

    Please don’t misunderstand me, I do not require exact ‘track’ dimensions just something I can put in my capsule specification that is realistic. For example: If I was designing a wheel for a car I could use an axel diameter of x on which to base the wheel design, without knowing exactly how x was determined. If x was 40 mm it would be realistic; if it was 2 mm it would not.

    The capsule will also be electromagnetically levitated, so I also require thickness and width dimensions for the levitation ‘track’.

    I am also interested to know approximately how efficient such a linear motor might be (including levitation), and how much electromagnetic shielding the capsule might need (the capsule will be conveying mixed packages of unknown contents, which could include devices susceptible to EM radiation).

    If I had enough time I would research the answers for myself, but I don’t so I would appreciate any help offered. I’m really just after a few key ‘pointers’.


    Edit: One further question. Can more than one vehicle operate on a single linear motor 'track' at the same time?
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