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Linear Non-Uniformly Accelerated Motion (ramp)

  1. Nov 6, 2008 #1
    After using Logger Pro to examine the motion of a cart restrained by an elastic band released down a ramp, we were told to draw acceleration-time graphs.

    The question is: Extrapolate each plot back to the y-axis. Explain the significance. Compare to ideal intercept value. Would this intercept be the same as that of an unrestrained cart?

    I think that the y-intercept would represent the ideal acceleration of the cart, and that the ideal acceleration of the cart is ar=-9.8sin(x). I think that the intercept would be different than that of the unrestrained cart because the restrained cart would have an acceleration time graph that crosses the x-axis, changing the line of best fit for it.

    Am I correct? Thank you!
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