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Homework Help: Linear Programming-Problem

  1. Mar 31, 2006 #1
    Hi there!
    I have gott a problem with this task. My hope is that someone could help me out of this :=)
    we have two products: A and B. There are three moments of processing in order to get the our products:

    Number of tools avaible for each moments : 1 1 2
    Time to use per day and tool: 8 8 8
    Capacity per tool for product A: 500 250 250
    Capacity per tool for product B: 200 500 125

    The profit made from each manufactured and sold unit of product A is 2,2 $ and from product B is 4,1 $. Because of limitation of market vi can not have more than 1800 of product A and more than 1500 of product B. Number of product B shuld not be less than 20 % of total number of both products.

    What shuld I do to maximize the profit?!

    I need help the figure out the how to write a LP-program with the problem above.

    Can anybody HELP ME with this?!
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