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Linear programming

  1. Apr 10, 2007 #1
    Please help:

    A manufacturer of biscuits is considering three types of gift packs
    containing three types of biscuits, Orange Cream (OC), Chocolate
    Cream(CC) and Wafers (W). Market research study conducted recently
    shows that three types of assortments A, B and C are in good demand.
    Assortment A contains not less than 40% of OC, not more than 20% of CC
    and any quantity of W. Assortment B contains not less than 20% of OC,
    not more than 40% of CC and any quantity of W. Assortment C has no
    restriction. The selling price per kg of assortments A, B and C are
    respectively Rs200, Rs 250 and Rs 120. The manufacturing capacity per
    day of OC, CC and W respectively 200Kg, 200 kg and 150 kg. The
    manufacturing costs per kg of OC, CC and W are respectively Rs 80, Rs
    90 and Rs 70. Formulate a linear programming model to find the production
    schedule which maximizes the profit.
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    D H

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    This tastes like homework. You should have posted this in the homework section. Have you read the rules on homework? In particular, you need to show some work before people will help you. We won't simply do you your work for you.
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