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Homework Help: Linear Question

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    For a table to be linear it must be?

    please help me!!

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    If you're looking for help, you need to be more descriptive about your question. What course is this for? Is this a "short answer" question? If that's the case, they're looking for something referred to in your book or notes, which no one else here necessarily has. If this isn't "short answer", you're going to need to explain what you've been talking about in the course and what sort of table you're working with. As it stands, I doubt too many readers are going to know what you're asking about...
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    A "table"?? My coffee table is pretty "linear" but I suspect that isn't what you are talking about! Why don't you start by saying what kind of table you mean and what it means for a table to be linear? I suspect that if you write out that information, you might just find the answer.
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