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Linear regression and varience.

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    Im having some trouble with this, and I was hoping someone could help me.
    I have a data set from which I've determined the [tex]\widehat{a}[/tex] and [tex]\widehat{b}[/tex] values and determined where the line of best fit should go using linear regression. The next thing I have to do is work out the varience using this equation:

    (edit) Sorry, first time using latex, and I can't access the tutorials for some reason.
    I've typed :
    But I'm not getting a new line after ^2}. How do I do this? (/edit)

    I'm a bit unsure what to do here. Does that mean that I have to sum up all of my y values, and take away the expected y values that are predicted on my line of best fit which correspond to the actual values I've entered?
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    Never mind, got it (I think). If someone could still tell me what I'm doing wrong with the Latex I'd appreciate it though.
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