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Homework Help: Linear speed of a car Vr

  1. Jun 25, 2009 #1
    1. Each tire on a car has a radius of 0.330 m and is rotating with an angular speed of 17.4 revolutions/s. Find the linear speed v of the car, assuming that the tires are not slipping against the ground.

    2. Vr = r(w)

    3. 17.4 * .33= 5.742m/s or 17.4*.66=11.484m/s neither worked so im at a loss
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    What's the circumference of the tire?
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    Look carefully at the left and right side of your second equation. Are the units the same for both sides?
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    If the tire makes 1 revolution, the car has traveled for a distance corresponds to 1 revolution.
    If the tire makes 2 revolution, the car has traveled for a distance corresponds to 2 revolutions.
    If the tire 17.4 revolutions in 1 second, what is the distance traveled? How much time is needed? What is the speed of the car?
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    thanks that was loads of help i used 2(pie or 3.142).33/ 17.4
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