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Linear trans.

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    Could someone please show me how these are a linear transformation please:

    1) T(s u + r V)
    s and r are scalars and u and v are vectors.

    2) composite function:
    u : v

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    matt grime

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    that would depend on what T is, and what : means, 'composite function' not being something standard, at least not in any useful sense here.
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    The questions as stated make no sense.

    T(su+ rv)= sT(u)+ rT(v) is the definition of "linear transformation".

    If you have one linear transformation T from, say, vector space U to vector space V, and another linear transformation S from V to vector space W, then it is true that
    the composition S(T), from U to W, is a linear transformation. Is that what you mean?
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