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Linear transformations?

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    I'm kind of stuck with the xf(0), hope this is the right place for this question?

    let L(f) = 2Df - xf(0)
    is L a linear transformation on the space of differentiable functions?

    thanks for your help
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    I'm guessing that x is just some constant, in which case xf(0) is also just some constant. If so, it doesn't affect the linearity of the entire function.

    - Warren
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    Thanks, I didn't think of it like that,
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    The other possibility is that it's supposed to be written as:

    L(f)(x) = 2(Df)(x) - x f(0)

    so the x is not a constant.
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    still linear in f

    But nevertheless it's still linear in f.
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