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Homework Help: Linearly dependent

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    If au + Bv + yw = a'u +B'v+y'w and a=a', then u,v,w are linearly dependent
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    wait 1 second, can you show us your work?

    B does NOT= to B'
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    The only thing that's given is the fact that a=a'...im guessing that would mean B=B' but im not sure
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    This is NOT a tutorial so I am moving it to Homework.

    And "If au + Bv + yw = a'u +B'v+y'w and a=a', then u,v,w are linearly dependent"
    is certainly NOT true. Take B= B'= y= y'= 0. The condition is simply that au= au which tells us absolutely nothing about u, v, w.
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    As a side note, it would be helpful for you to be consistent with the letters you use. How did you happen to pick a, B, and y?

    Apparently u, v, and w are vectors, so it would be good to use letters for scalars that won't be confused as vectors, say a, b, and c, or c1, c2, and c3.
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