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Link between energy and matter

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    My apologies for the lack of understanding of the topic, and it may be a bit from left field, but; Is it possible that the positive and negative attributes of the amplitude of electromagnetic radiation is the same positive and negative attributes of atoms, i.e. protons and electrons. Perhaps the electromagnetic energy can get to higher frequencies than can be currently measured and at that wavelength electromagnetic energy adopts the characteristics of matter.
    As I say, my knowledge of the topic is far from complete and I would be interested in any thoughts that may dispel this theory.
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    Matter and energy are linked by E=mc2, but protons and electrons are nothing to do with light. Up and down quarks (which make up protons) and electrons just happen to have charge, which means they are affected by electromagnetic radiation, but that doesn't mean they make up the radiation itself.
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    ok, thanks very much for your help.
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    Again, I thank you for your feedback, but I still have another question.

    If E=mc^2 then would it not follow that if energy and matter are linked, that matter must be composed of, at least in part, electromagnetic radiation. And if so, where on the spectrum does it lie?
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